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"Red Worms, Wormpoop Fertilizer and Wormpoop Tea will Help Your Garden Grow the Way Nature Intended"

Are you looking for great natural fertilizer? You have come to the appropriate place.  We carry red worms some of the best natural fertilizer producers in the world.  They are great for decomposing yard and household waste, in fact; you need red worms for composting to get the nutrient and mineral rich worm fertilizer called wormpoop or wormpoop castings.  A medium size worm bed with red worms will process several pounds of organic waste a day, creating organic fertilizer that will result in healthy soil for your garden.

Worm composting
to gardening composting is a very small jump and, in fact, you will get much faster results with red worms helping to bring you sustainable soil structure management and rich nutrient soil.  We have red worms for sale that will make household waste composting easy.  We stock wormpoop castings and wormpoop tea made from the castings to help build your soil structure.  Whether you want organic fertilizer or red worms for home composting we have the inventory on hand to assist you.  Come on, you know you want it, you know you need it, buy from today!


Using red worms for composting, also called vermiculture composting, is the process of using red worms to decompose organic yard and food waste, turning the waste into a natural fertilizer called wormpoop or wormpoop castings.  Worm fertilizer adds beneficial organisms, nutrients and minerals to the soil that sustain healthy plant life and vital plant growth.  These microorganisms and soil fauna help break down organic materials and convert nutrients into a more available food form for plants.  Red worms and wormpoop and wormpoop tea improves soil structure, texture, and aeration as well as increasing water-holding capacity in the soil.  Plants grow stronger and have deeper root systems for better drought tolerance and disease resistance.

Studies have shown that as food passes through the worm's body, the worms have the amazing ability to eliminate pathogens and carcinogens in the soil.  Wormpoop mixed with soil provides a natural organic fertilizer and a tremendous source of nutrients for plants that dramatically improves the texture and fertility of soil.  This replaces valuable nutrients taken out of the soil when fruit and vegetables are harvested.

Wormpoop tea is created as moisture builds in the worm bed.  The worm tea is very concentrated in liquid form.  A little goes a long way.  Worm tea is bottled in reused recycled plastic bottles and is easy to use.  Wormpoop tea is for indoor and outdoor plants and great in the garden, but IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!

Rehabilitate your soil into healthy soil by using red worms and wormpoop and wormpoop tea.

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