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Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA)
Cover Story, March 18, 2005
"Dig this: Worm farms keep it fertilized"
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Marcia Iannone has worms - and lots of them. She's not embarrassed by her infestation. She's actually quite proud of every single one, especially the baby worms that she oohs and aahs at as they slither in her hand.

... Iannone is an environmental consultant and a vermiculture specialist who runs her Internet business, Wormpoop.com, from her home where she sells red worms and worm castings, known as worm poop. "Worm poop is the most vital thing worms create because it's sterilized and it's the best fertilizer you can get," Iannone said. "It's a natural, organic fertilizer." ... [Read entire article]





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