When I first began this Vermiculture Composting Demonstration and Reutilization Project through the former LandLab Project at CSPU, Pomona, in 1992, there was very little information available on the internet. The Vermiculture Composting Demonstration and Reutilization Site ran from 1992 - 1997. It was successful in every way and peeked the interest of those who visited the site. Young and old alike have been inspired by what worms do for our environment. I am no longer at the university but have continued experimentation on my own and have developed this website <www.wormpoop.com> as a result of those efforts.

It is amazing to me what just one person can do to make a difference in the world we live in. There is a great deal of interest throughout the world on the Vermiculture Vermicomposting process, partially as a result of this and other successful projects. New avenues have opened to further the research on Vermiculture Composting and the use of red worms to
regenerate the soil and their value to our environment.

The California Integrated Waste Management Board has developed avenues and a directory (Cal Max) for organic gardening, listings of Vermiculture Businesses: buying and selling worms, wormpoop castings, building worm-bed designs etc. Now everyone can benefit from information available on the internet. Please click on the links pages to see what is available.   Everyone can benefit by using Vermiculture Composting techniques in their backyard.

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